HMV is closing and it’s the end of an era

One of the few things that always puts me in a good mood is visiting a music store. I love going through bins of CDs, taking home one or more new spin, and listening to music in my room whilst flipping through the artwork and learning the lyrics.

Soon, I won’t be able to do that anymore at HMV.

HMV Canada announced that all 120 stores will close and the company has gone into receivership.  The company owes $39 million, and all stores will close on April 30.

While I know more people are switching over to digital music, the news still makes me sad. I had a bit of hope for the store because they were featuring t-shirts, toys, and other merchandise so they could have other items available in their inventory.

However, $39 million dollars is a lot of money. While I only obtained three CDs last year, there is nothing like the feeling of exploring a new album, and it makes me sad knowing my kids won’t get to experience the same shopping experience at HMV their weird pop culture junkie mommy will.

On the other hand, I’m not worried about the state of local record stores. More people are turning towards listening to vinyl and there is a push for shopping local. Those who value physical copies of music are always going to buy it at local record shops.

Regardless of what format my music is in, I will still feel every lyric and I will still think about the messages behind what I’m listening to, but it is saddening to hear that the end of HMV’s era is closer than us music lovers would like.

Image via Wikimedia Commons


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