I tried doing the makeup with my opposite hand challenge and I’ve never been more thankful for makeup remover

The title of this post is self-explanatory. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the full face with opposite hand challenge is when you use the opposite hand that you normally use for applying makeup.

I saw NikkieTutorials do this on YouTube, and thought it’d be fun to try. Here’s the difference, however. Nikkie looked flawless when she finished the video because she’s a beauty guru who does makeup videos for a living. I am someone who loves wearing burgundy lipstick paired with a brown smoky eye but I am so far from a beauty guru. I didn’t even know the purpose of contouring until fall of this year.

I also thought I’d give it a shot because I like a challenge, and I knew this would be difficult. I have a learning disability that affects my fine motor skills and visual perception. In other words, doing things like applying eye makeup, especially eyeliner, can be challenging enough with my dominant hand, my right hand.

I’ve gotten better at doing my makeup with practice, of course. But it took me awhile before I could make my makeup routine look decent

I knew with a challenge like this, I will either be pleasantly surprised, or I will laugh at how terrible it turned out.

Here’s a list of products I used (This is not sponsored, this is just what I use for makeup)

  • Maybelline Nudes Eyeshadow Collection
  • Catch My Eye eyeliner from The Face Shop
  • Essence All Eyes on Me Mascara
  • Essence Long Lasting Lipstick 01 Coral Calling
  • Snow Fairy Sparkling Powder from Lush Cosmetics

I know most people use foundation to start their makeup routine, but I’m not a fan of how foundation feels on my face, so I don’t use it.

I started this challenge by applying a light beige eyeshadow, which glided on OK. Then I applied a smoky light grey on top, and it still looked okay.

Then, I applied some brown eyeshadow. Look at how uneven it looks! Not even q-tips could fix this!

Emily Stewart with smudged brown eye shadow

I applied the eyeliner next, and I was nervous. As much as I love wearing eyeliner, I try to just restrict its wearability to special occasions, or on days where I feel like utter garbage from being sick and I want to hide the fact I feel disgusting.

I was surprisingly pleased when I did the eyeliner on my left eye. This was the best winged eyeliner turned out on my face. Well, maybe just the wing.

Emily Stewart with winged eyeliner on her left eye

The right eye? We don’t talk about that.

Emily Stewart with smudged eyeliner on right eye

I applied the mascara, which again, didn’t turn out horrible, but it didn’t save my already disaster of a look.

Emily Stewart with smudged brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner and black mascara

I applied the Lush powder first as a highlighter, and then I realized I was using my dominant hand! Oh no! I already failed the challenge!

So did I give up? No. I applied more sparkly pink powder all over my face with my left hand so I can feel like a fairy princess!

Last but not least, I applied the lipstick. I feel like I should have used a clear lip balm to soften the look, but no! It was a challenge, and I just applied the lipstick as it was.

You can see the fear in my eyes already.

Emily Stewart looking nervous as she applied a coral lipstick, to go with her smudged brown and black eye makeup

All I can say is, holy gucamole, does this colour pop.

The end result? I’ll leave that to your interpretation, but personally, I think I look like Miranda Sings if she did coral lips and winged eyeliner. Just me? Alright.

Emily Stewart with coral lipstick and smudged brown and black eye makeup, looking unimpressed with the results

I was so happy to take off the makeup. I know it looks like I’m still wearing eyeliner in that pic, but you have to say it’s way less makeup than what I had in the previous picture.

Emily Stewart without makeup, looking relieved that she took it off

Have you tried this challenge before? Would you try it? Are there any more makeup challenges you think I should try? Should I never do makeup challenges again, which is probably a good idea, to be honest? Just comment.

No, I will not do the 100 coats of makeup challenge, before you ask.


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