Some thoughts on microwaved tea


Although all I need to feel human is a daily cup of coffee, I drink a lot of tea. My interest in tea started when I was 14 and my cousin brewed me a cup. My addiction crept back up in university.

For those of you who are not in post-secondary, let me tell you a secret. When you have essays, exams, writing projects, and socializing in student clubs piling up, you need caffeine in either Arizona ice tea, coffee, or hot green tea.

Seriously. Before I got into coffee, I was the crankiest person in the world if I didn’t start my day with green tea in fourth year. Not to mention I was sick all the time in my later years of university, and tea always made me feel better.

I didn’t know microwaved tea existed until I procrastinated took a break from writing on BuzzFeed.

Doing BuzzFeed quizzes is a guilty pleasure of mine. According to this quiz, I’m a bit of a tea snob, and that’s a-okay with me.

One of the questions was “Who Do You Judge the Most?” and one of the answers to that question was “People who microwave their tea”.

When I drink tea, I boil the kettle, or wait for the water component of a coffee maker to heat up, and then I pour hot water on the tea and let it steep for a few minutes.

I thought that’s how you were supposed to brew tea, but apparently using a microwave is an option.

Of course, I had some questions: Do people actually microwave tea instead of pouring boiling water on tea bags or tea leaves like a normal person would? Why is this happening?

Look, I get it if you forget about your brewed tea and let it go cold so you need to microwave it. That’s the only exception.

I went to Google, and sure enough, according to WikiHow, you can brew a spot of tea in the microwave. However, an article from LifeHacker says to NOT microwave your tea, because you can’t control the temperature as much as you would be able to with a kettle.

Tea snobbiness aside, I’m willing to try anything once. I decided to put an end to this nonsense and make myself some tea in the microwave.

First, I knew it had to be with a tea bag. Most of my tea infusers are metal, and I knew I could not use that with loose tea leaves. 

Has everyone seen “American Hustle? You know that scene where Jennifer Lawrence’s character puts metal in the microwave and it explodes after having the microwave for one day? That happened because she put metal, specifically aluminum and tin foil, in the microwave.

jennifer lawrence fire cooking microwave american hustle
Via reactiongifs

I also couldn’t use my silicone manatee filter. Yes, a tea infuser that looks like a marine animal. It is adorable and I can’t wreck it.

If I do, it’ll become like poor Kuchi Kopi on “Bob’s Burgers”.

Via Wikia

I put some jasmine tea in some plain, cold water in a mug and microwaved it for two 30 second intervals.

The whole time, my heart fluttered and I was just waiting for the cup to catch on fire. Before I tried this experiment, I told my mom about it, and she said that it’s probably best to boil the water in the microwave and THEN put the tea bag in to let it steep.

Did I, an adult woman, listen to my mom? No. I put the bag in the cup with the water, and microwaved it anyway. It didn’t explode, so once again, I was nervous for no reason. 

Surprisingly, the temperature was at my liking. I steeped it for three minutes, and sipped away while writing this post.

My verdict? Microwaved tea is actually not terrible and I didn’t know the difference when I had a sip. However, I will probably not microwave tea again, unless it was a desperate time.

I like using a kettle and monitoring it, and making sure that the tea bags won’t explode once I pour the water on it. Tea is supposed to help you simmer down, not tense up!

Do you microwave your tea? What are your thoughts on microwaved tea? Talk to me!


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