If you want to read it, you write it!

I was on Tumblr for three years in university. I don’t use it anymore, but it is a fun site to distract yourself.

Right now, I’m just satisfied with reading posts from pages like “The Best of Tumblr” and finding things on Pinterest and BuzzFeed. I often smirk if I’m scrolling through social media and I find something funny, but some posts on Tumblr have made me chuckle out loud, even if I found it from another site.

I also notice that some people say they want to see a book no one has written (yet) and they will describe their ideas. Most reactions are either praising the idea, or they add ideas.

Like this one.

Via alexandriawulf on Pinterest



And this one.

Via itsstuckyinmyhead.tumblr.com on Pinterest

Along with this one.

Via WeHeartIt

I would totally read all of these, by the way.

I’m not the only one who notices this, of course, because Buzzfeed did an article with a collection of these posts.

As much as I love seeing different writing ideas, these posts drive me bonkers.

The ideas I’ve found through these Tumblr posts, among others, are fantastic and I can say I haven’t read anything like it. If someone already has a good idea for a story, they should just start writing it.

There is more to a great story than just the plot, of course, but having an idea is the start.

Speaking from experience, writing a book can be tedious, and takes much longer than people think. However, it is a worthwhile experience.

Your story doesn’t have to be 75,000 words or more necessarily. If your idea becomes a short story or novella, that’s OK. Just get writing.

My other concern is the possibility of plagiarism because of posts like these, which goes to show you that I am my mother’s daughter. Very few people go by their real name on Tumblr and just use an alias, so it’s easy for someone to snag that idea and call it their own.

On the other hand, that’s just the sacrifice you make when you’re a creator posting your work online. There are ways to copyright your work, luckily.

Not just for novelists

While I’m focusing on creative writing, this also applies to journalism. Too often, I see people getting sick of coverage of certain events or news stories, and they say they wish there was more coverage on other things happening around the world.

If you feel like there should be coverage on something, then please address it to a newspaper, website, tv news team, or radio station. Journalists are always looking for impactful stories and they hope to shed some light on something people might not know about.

Just send it to as many people as you can. Both mainstream and alternative news outlets.

You can also write about these issues. Seriously.Start a blog, a YouTube channel, or podcast and talk about the topics you pay attention to, if you feel like nobody else is acknowledging it through news media.

Feeling like I wanted to see something different in the entertainment news media was one of the reasons why I went into journalism, after my mom suggested I go into the industry because she knew I love writing.

I turned my nose up at the idea at first, as a 15-year old who had a lot to learn about the overall journalism industry and every kind of beat.

As sad as it sounds, my view of journalism at the time was just what I was exposed to from entertainment news focusing on celebrities’ speculated, and rarely confirmed, relationship statuses- my earlier Brangelina post is another story– and all of the times celebrities were publicly shamed for doing whatever an average person does outside from work.

Then I realized I can just create my own news and feature stories and possibly my own publication if I wanted to and had my mind set to it.

Back to creative writing

I know people can have a negative viewpoint of certain types of books too, simply because of overused tropes in several stories, along with bad writing, as it can and will be published, and from a few people with loud mouths and keyboards trying to bring something down.

At the end of the day, if you want to see something unique in writing, you have the power to start the first page.

Still need motivation? Just listen to Shia Labeouf.

shia labeouf motivation just do it motivate
Via deweysmith on Reddit

Featured image via Sophie MacKenzie on Pinterest


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