The day I decided to stick to writing

Everyone has a dream job. Although I wanted to be a writer above all else while growing up, I’ve had some other plans in mind.

Given the way the way said other plans turned out, I think I’ll stick to making money by freelance writing and doing whatever else I do on top of that.

“What could you possibly want to be other than a writer, Emily?” you may ask. My other career plans have changed from a veterinarian to an esthetician, to an early childhood educator, to a college instructor. While I’m still keeping the last one in mind, there was a backup career that I had that was likely fuelled by my love for performing arts and pop culture.

I wanted to be famous.

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Laugh all you want, but everyone has thought about being famous at some point. 10 years ago, I wanted to be a ghost writer,  you know, one that goes by an alias. Mine was Misha Stargazer, if you were curious.

Anyway, after I had a best-selling novel and pull a Sia by never showing my face, the next plan was to reveal my “true self” by becoming an actress and a singer. I became a journalist who likes to sing (badly) and quote tv and movies (mediocrely) in my spare time, so that’s close enough for me.

I was a drama kid in high school, but I was the atypical one. You know, those students who love acting, but are quiet and more like wallflowers when they are off the stage? That was me.

While my career goal was still journalism,  I still wanted to act in during the (extremely limited) spare time I had post-secondary.

In my first year of university, I auditioned for “The Importance of Being Ernest”. I think my first mistake was that I never studied the play, and thought it was a good idea to audition anyway.

We had to pick a monologue based on the character we wanted to audition for. Since it was my first time reading the monologue, my articulation was choppy. Then they asked me to read it again, in a British accent.

I was nervous, and it showed in my performance. They stopped me halfway through, thanked me, and said it was nice to meet me.

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I knew that meant no.

My biggest critic, better known as my sister, said I was a good actress when she saw me perform once in a high school anti-bullying play, and said I should stick to acting and writing. After that audition, I knew I should just stick to writing.

Life after that audition

Does that mean that I’m totally turned off acting? Not necessarily. I have thought about going back into it, but moreso as a voice actress. When I was working and/or volunteering at on-campus radio stations, I would occasionally be asked to voice some commercials and promotional content.

Plus, I found that newscasting is a form of performance, one that I missed so much.

Acting and theatre will always have a special place in my heart, and I still use my love for it by writing about different theatre companies and actors if I have a chance to do so.




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