If you want to read it, you write it!

I was on Tumblr for three years in university. I don’t use it anymore, but it is a fun site to distract yourself.

Right now, I’m just satisfied with reading posts from pages like “The Best of Tumblr” and finding things on Pinterest and BuzzFeed. I often smirk if I’m scrolling through social media and I find something funny, but some posts on Tumblr have made me chuckle out loud, even if I found it from another site.

I also notice that some people say they want to see a book no one has written (yet) and they will describe their ideas. Most reactions are either praising the idea, or they add ideas.

Like this one.

Via alexandriawulf on Pinterest



And this one.

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Along with this one.

Via WeHeartIt

I would totally read all of these, by the way.

I’m not the only one who notices this, of course, because Buzzfeed did an article with a collection of these posts.

As much as I love seeing different writing ideas, these posts drive me bonkers.

The ideas I’ve found through these Tumblr posts, among others, are fantastic and I can say I haven’t read anything like it. If someone already has a good idea for a story, they should just start writing it.

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How I feel about bandwagons, and why it takes me so long to jump on them

I just started the first season of “Gilmore Girls”, because it’s been something I’ve been meaning to do for a while before they announced the special on Netflix. One of my friends and I agreed that I’ll watch “Gilmore Girls” if she watches “Frozen”.

How I feel about the show is how I feel about everything else I check out much later than I should have; I love it, I feel like I’m a combination of both Loreleis, and holy guacamole, why did I wait so long to watch “Gilmore Girls”?

I’m probably going to deal with people who say “Oh, you’re only watching this because everyone’s freaking out about the Netflix special!”, and that’s OK with me, because this isn’t the first time something like this happened. I’m sure there are many who never watched a “Gilmore Girls” episode in their life, but want to just to see the excitement.

Also, I’d rather see why so many people jump on the fan bandwagon than just close myself off from it and join the bandwagon of haters.

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Fictional characters I identify with

Are people still doing this thing? Whatever, I’m doing this thing.

I tend to jump on bandwagons a bit too late anyway. Stay tuned for my blog post on that!

So I saw this trend on Facebook and I wanted to do it, but I didn’t want to pick three characters and call it a day. I wanted to write a blog post about why I picked these characters.

I know most people picked three, but I picked six. Why? Because I’m an overachiever and I thought way too much about this.

Anyway, here are the fictional characters that I identify with.

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The day I decided to stick to writing

Everyone has a dream job. Although I wanted to be a writer above all else while growing up, I’ve had some other plans in mind.

Given the way the way said other plans turned out, I think I’ll stick to making money by freelance writing and doing whatever else I do on top of that.

“What could you possibly want to be other than a writer, Emily?” you may ask. My other career plans have changed from a veterinarian┬áto an esthetician, to an early childhood educator, to a college instructor. While I’m still keeping the last one in mind, there was a backup career that I had that was likely fuelled by my love for performing arts and pop culture.

I wanted to be famous.

celebrities jennifer lawrence okay actress cool s
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