So about that novel…

Hello friends,

Remember when I vowed to write 126 pages of my novel before Labour Day weekend? I bet you’re wondering the progress on it, since I’ve been a bit quiet about it.

I have reached my goal. Hooray! So why have I been quiet about it? Well, because the novel’s not done.

It is close the average length of a novel, however. Most novels are at least 75,000 words, and so far I’m at 72,504 words. I am pretty impressed I’ve met this accomplishment in less than a year, as I’m working on the first draft for the fourth or fifth time.

However, it gets put behind often because I have other writing projects that are more time sensitive and I’m trying to look for a job. Sometimes, I just feel like my brain turns to mush when I want to get through a dull but important part of my story.

friends glee writing writer problems writers block
How I feel trying to put words on a page (Via on Giphy)

I have tried to work around it, as I have in the past. I found a writing tip that says to start writing from the middle of the action. Essentially, my novel is all over the place right now. I know where I want my novel to be, so any time I have writer’s block, I go to what used to be the midpoint of the story. At this point, it’s more of the third quarter of the story, but story direction changes.

Because I have done a bit of a cha-cha when I worked on my project, it’s hard to say where I am exactly in my novel. Somedays I’m right where I should be, other days I go back to the future.

I am also at a point I feared I’d get into once again. I start rethinking everything about my novel and I want to start over from scratch.

art animated illustration painting window
To start over, or not to start over. That is the question (Via on Giphy)


I’ve become insecure about a project I started but never finished, let alone has been published. I refuse to start from scratch, again, however.

First, my sister, a fellow writer and someone who is one of my biggest supporters and critics at the same time, refuses to let me back down. She’s watched me work on this project since the summer after my first year of post-secondary, and she’s sad that I’m not done yet.

Second, even Ernest Hemingway says first drafts are always terrible. As someone who has also written many essays in her lifetime, I can say that I wouldn’t have graduated from university if I handed in my very first drafts of my papers after a time I decided to take school seriously for once. It’s also much, much easier to write a better paper after you write a first draft that should only belong in the recycling bin.

block writers
Probably true. (Via on Giphy)

For those of you who are bored with me rambling, I’ll give you a summary: I wrote the 126 pages that I wanted to write, I want to write more, and this story about my story is far from over.



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