THIS JUST IN: Jennifer and Brad broke up a decade ago


Yes, I am writing this following the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, aka Brangelina split. I thought it was unexpected, and a bit sad, but I got past it quickly. Then, I saw that people were taking screenshots from “FRIENDS” and saying that this is probably how Jennifer Aniston feels about their split.

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I checked it out for mild amusement. Then I read the following article on Huffington Post and agreed that the meme is just silly.

Aniston has been apart from Pitt for more than a decade. She also got married in the past year to Justin Theroux. Asking her how she feels about her ex’s fallen relationship is like asking a university professor about how they felt about failing a project they created in Grade Seven. It’s irrelevant and you’re probably not going to get much information after asking the question.

Unfortunately, the Aniston meme is not the only case of its kind. If someone is in a new relationship, is newly single, or is casually dating somebody, people always wonder how the ex takes it.

There are countless fans who wish their two favourite celebrities and characters end up together, and are angry when it doesn’t happen. Go on Tumblr or a fan fiction website, and look up your favourite TV show, movie, or book. Go on a YouTube star’s Instagram. Just look at what the fans are commenting. You will see what I’m talking about.

I’ve only gone through one breakup in my life, which is probably significantly less than what most people in their mid-20s dealt with. Regardless of how many relationships you’ve been in, heck, regardless if you’ve been in one at all, you can’t deny that breakups suck.

However, what’s even worse is when people speculate your relationship after it ended. My ex and I are still friends, but we’ve also known each other for nine years. In either case, speculating how either of us would feel, should either of us find ourselves in new relationships, would be annoying. It would also be pointless because we basically just talk about Pokémon and little else anyway.

As a journalist, I can see why my colleagues report on celebrity couples splitting up, especially if they are well-respected actors like Pitt and Jolie. Any story surrounding a public figure is considered newsworthy, as is any story with “shock” value. In this case, some people are shocked that a couple that seemed happy together is divorcing.

However, wondering how Aniston feels isn’t the best way to follow up on the story.

Nobody would ask a married adult how they feel about their ex from high school. The answer would be simple: “Who cares?” Asking someone how they feel about their ex, from a relationship that happened 10 years ago, is just as silly. Asking someone how they feel about their ex seeing someone else will either result in them either getting angry at the fact you brought up their ex at all or the fact they are seeing someone else.

Besides, if a previous relationship was meant to last, it would have lasted.

Just because someone is famous, it doesn’t mean we should assume what is going on in their life.

I could go on forever about the tabloids, paparazzi, and people making memes behind a computer that some people take seriously. However, I’ll end it on this note.

If you wouldn’t want someone making memes about how your ex thinks of your most recent breakup, don’t make one about anyone else’s fallen relationship.

jennifer aniston closure 90s friends season 2
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How do you feel about the “Bragelina” split? The “Jen gets her revenge” meme? Don’t care? Think I’m wasting my time blogging? Comment!






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  1. You are right on the money. I couldn’t care less if my exes are getting divorced because I moved on long ago, as I am sure Aniston did. How soon until someone writes about a “sighting” of Brad and Jenn together?

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