So about that novel…

Hello friends,

Remember when I vowed to write 126 pages of my novel before Labour Day weekend? I bet you’re wondering the progress on it, since I’ve been a bit quiet about it.

I have reached my goal. Hooray! So why have I been quiet about it? Well, because the novel’s not done.

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THIS JUST IN: Jennifer and Brad broke up a decade ago


Yes, I am writing this following the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, aka Brangelina split. I thought it was unexpected, and a bit sad, but I got past it quickly. Then, I saw that people were taking screenshots from “FRIENDS” and saying that this is probably how Jennifer Aniston feels about their split.

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Via Buzzfeed on Giphy

I checked it out for mild amusement. Then I read the following article on Huffington Post and agreed that the meme is just silly.

Aniston has been apart from Pitt for more than a decade. She also got married in the past year to Justin Theroux. Asking her how she feels about her ex’s fallen relationship is like asking a university professor about how they felt about failing a project they created in Grade Seven. It’s irrelevant and you’re probably not going to get much information after asking the question.

Unfortunately, the Aniston meme is not the only case of its kind. If someone is in a new relationship, is newly single, or is casually dating somebody, people always wonder how the ex takes it.

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How I feel about not returning to school this year

I’ve been told that it seems like I’ve been in school forever. It’s a fact. Between Senior Kindergarten (SK) and journalism school, I spent 19 total years in school. Wow.

Since my last year was hands-on, and similar to what life would be like working at a radio station, it felt more like work I’d expect in the media industry. Spoiler alert: It’s awesome!

It didn’t really hit me that I’d no longer be a student until I bought bus tickets instead of using a student bus pass. I know it’s not much of a difference, but life is really about the little things, including what I will miss about the student life.

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