Why am I a writer?

When I was in Grade Seven, I wanted to be a writer. I was obsessed with the “W.I.T.C.H. book series”, and I wanted to create something like it. I was working on what I was hoping to be a seven part series where it would be a manga-novel hybrid, just like those books. Unfortunately, I never finished.
Although I said I was determined to be a published author in grade seven, the dream started earlier. I was reading “Cardcaptor Sakura” and Tokyo Mew Mew like it was nobody’s business in my preteen years.
I was playing games like “Paper Mario” and everything else about the Mushroom Kingdom. I would make my own stories up while playing said video games, and would make comics based on it.

Once I was in high school, I wasn’t writing about that kind of topic as much. I did for a bit in grade nine, but that was about it, really. However, I was part of a creative writing club then, and I later signed up for a creative writing class, only offered at the grade 12 level.
Then, in my post-secondary journey, I took courses so I could improve my skills in creative writing and journalism, and focused on the latter in college.
I told many stories about a variety of people and topics, and I had learned many things about my city that I didn’t even know were apparent. I felt fulfilled telling stories of other people. I felt like I was doing something great for the world and I that I finally found my purpose in life; a storyteller. I’ve also been working on my coming of age and fantasy novel off and on for the past five years.
Clearly I write a lot, hence my blog name, but why do I do it? I want to show people the power of words through my work. I want them to think about what’s happening around them. I want to give them an escape, because writing has always been my escape.
I’ve gone through a lot in my life, as most people have. Every time I feel like something is working out in one part of my life, something else happens to weigh me down and nearly crush me.
However, I know that I can’t let my awful feelings get the best of my work; I have to tell stories. Even if my personal stories don’t always have smooth sailing, I feel good knowing that I am raising awareness on different issues and topics through the stories people tell me.

So why do I write? It keeps me going.



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