Photo Essay based off a 30 Day Photo Challenge

Hey, look at that! I actually did something based on an idea I found on Pinterest! I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, but with other writing projects and well, life itself, it wasn’t a high priority. I will admit that this definitely did not take me 30 days to do, and that these photos are out of order. Some are a little bit outdated as well.

So why am I posting this now instead of doing a new one? First of all, taking 30 separate pictures with a different theme is time consuming. Likewise with photo essays. I’m sure anyone who has ever had to do one for a school project can vouch for me.

All of these were shot approximately between March 26 and April 30 of 2016. I used my trusty Canon PowerShot A2200 for all of these pictures. I found the challenge on Pinterest via Shelley Jerman

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Some of my pre-prom problems

Six years ago this weekend, I reached a high school milestone. I went to my prom night. It was a night I was looking forward to ever since I stepped into high school. I used to look through prom magazines, getting inspiration for both the cloths that would embrace me and the makeup used to create my mask.

I went from a floor length, pale pink, strapless, flowy dress, to a hot pink dress with orange straps for inspiration, to a simple little black dress for my final decision.

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