Turning the page

For those of you who don’t know, I’m officially no longer a student! I finished my college’s journalism program two weeks ago, and earned an award and scholarship prize for a documentary I created this year about bar choirs.

Although I am happy to be done with the student life, I have to say it’s a bittersweet feeling. I’ve been in school for 19 years, from senior kindergarten all the way to post-grad. Considering I started school when I was five, I don’t remember a September when I didn’t have to go to school.

I’ve come a long way in those 19 years. I went from being the kid who didn’t talk at all, where I had to pre-record my school presentations and point to relevant pictures, to the 20-something who talked on the radio for four years. I’ve gone from someone who wouldn’t talk to people I barely knew, to someone who has to talk to people I just met every day to listen to their stories.

I truly feel like everything I’ve learned about the media industry, film genres, world events and writing has made me who I am as the person typing this post. I was already pretty open minded before I went to university, but being a journalist has opened my eyes to so many issues and events happening around the world and my city.

So what’s next for me? Well, like a lot of 20-somethings in the same boat as me, I am job searching. Like Rapunzel, I’m wondering “When Will my Life Begin?”.

However, I am obviously continuing writing. I am doing some freelance work and I have a creative writing project on the go.

Authors Publish usually has a writer pledges every month, where writers promise to write a page for every day of the month. I am taking that promise one step further. Since I’m going to spend the summer figuring out my life, I will write a page of my novel every day up until Labour Day weekend, starting tomorrow.  That’s about 126 pages.

For those of you wondering what’s next for me, there’s your answer. I’m writing a novel, while job hunting.




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