5 Things That Happen When You Are a 20-Something Gamer


Everyone has a piece of their childhood that they hold on to as they grow up. Whether it’s a favourite cd, movie, or book, they will always cherish it.

Video games such as Pokémon, Super Smash Brothers, and Paper Mario will always stick with me, as well as the medium itself. For instance, I wouldn’t have as many off the wall ideas for creative writing if it weren’t for video games.

Since playing video games involve small motor movements, my handwriting would be worse if I didn’t play them during my homework breaks.

Lastly, video games have helped me escape into another world, and let me control other problems, while I was facing my own. Now that I’m 23, I have noticed some common traits that happen when you still play video games around that age.

  1. You point to the nearest gaming shop for gift ideas

I assured my mom many times last year that yes, I want Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS more than anything else for Christmas. If you’re ever stuck for gift ideas for gamers, hit up the closest video game store and see what you can find. My Christmas lists were filled with the latest Nintendo games when I was a child. In my 20s, there is always at least one game I want to add to my collection.
If it’s not for videogames, videogame related merchandise will always work. My sister bought me a Pikachu pillow pet for my 22nd birthday, and it’s still one of my favourite gifts.

Sidenote-I’m always happy with tea, music, books, and writing utensils if you’re still struggling with gift-giving.

  1. Any Gender Divide Frustrates You

I got a pink Nintendo DSLite for Christmas one year. When I brought it to a party a few years later, my friends kept on making remarks that they loved how it was pink. My parents bought me a pink Yoshi plush as a get well present pre surgery.

I like the colour pink and all, and I’m sad when I don’t wear it on Wednesday. That being said, I know it’s often dismissed as a “girl colour”, when really anyone should pick whatever colour they want for their gaming devices. If you’re a girl who wants a pink DS, cool. If you’re a guy who wants a pink DS, also cool.

With great stories and cool designs, video games draw everyone together.

  1. You Play Too? Instant Friendship!

My boyfriend also plays video games, and it’s one of the common interests between us. Plenty of my memories with my sister have been playing video games with her, and feeling frustrated when she’d beat me. If you like to game as much as I do, or have grown up with them, consider yourself a friend of mine!

  1. Game nights are your perfect idea of a date or party

Everyone reaches an age where they would rather stay in and play games with your friends instead of going out for drinks. Some people earlier than others, but that’s always been the case with you.

By all means, if you want to have a couple of beers when playing old-school Nintendo games with your friends, you’re more than welcome to do so. Alcohol and other snacks aside, it’s a cheap way to get a bunch of people together.

  1. You are often told to “Grow Up”

You’ve heard it, people teasing you by asking how old you are, calling video games childish, and telling you to grow up.

This is something that will always bug me, especially since I know plenty of adults who like video games too. As long as you’re not playing them at your non-related job, I don’t see the big deal. It’s just another leisurely activity, like going for a run or drawing. There are plenty of worse things you can spend the same amount of money on.


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