Lessons from university

It’s homecoming weekend for Western, and my second year as an alumna. Although this time of year is usually associated with partying, I can say the closest thing I’ve done to that is go out for dinner during that weekend. Tonight, I’m staying in and watching Harry Potter movies with my boyfriend.

I’m not even wearing a purple shirt right now.

Emily Stewart wearing a black hoodie with a UWO logo
Just because I’m not purple, it doesn’t mean I don’t have spirit

Relax, I’m wearing a sweater with the old logo, and a tank top ┬árepresenting a wonderful program called MIT (Media, Information, and Technoculture). That was my major in university, along with writing and film courses on top of it.

I’ve seen a lot of posts saying education doesn’t teach you about life, and I’ve heard many comments saying Liberal Arts degrees don’t get you anywhere.

I’m here to tell you, that’s not necessarily true. Most of my time in university was spent on my work, and I’ve discovered a lot of lessons that apply outside of the classroom and I’d say are a lot of skills you need post-school.

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5 things that happen when you go to college after university

Bob Dylan wasn’t kidding when he said “The Times Are A’Changing”. If it’s any cliche I’ve learned in life, it’s that change is constant.

This includes changing schools. I have my university degree and writing certificate, but I knew I wanted more. I spread myself out quite a bit during undergrad, doing three modules and joining many clubs, that I wanted to specialize in something.

That’s why I am in college for journalism, but I know that I’m not the only one who’s continued their studies by finding something more practical.

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Balance is key


The conflicting messages about body image give me a bigger headache than studying or writing essays ever will. It’s really hard to know what to believe when the same source that tells you how to lose 10 pounds fast will also tell you that you are beautiful, so ignore any negative comments.

With social media, it can even be more confusing, because of challenges that suggest people should aim for a thigh gap, visible collarbone, etc., and others saying beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so be happy with your looks.

Then there are messages like Nicole Arbour’s, who tell people they should be ashamed of themselves if they are overweight or obese. The most I got out of her video was Whitney Way Tore’s response, but that was enough for me.

Instead of writing about Arbour’s video, I decided it would be better to write a more encouraging blog post for anyone of any shape and any size. I was going to write about why negative comments towards anyone’s body size is not the right way to go, but I feel like that’s been tackled already.

Regardless of who you are or what goals you have, you can achieve a balance of being happy with yourself, while aiming for a healthier lifestyle at the same time.  As someone who’s struggled with her own body image for about a decade, I can say that it took me forever to realize this, and there are times when I’m more off-track than on-track. However, I can say I’m happier this way than I was in the past.

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