Solo Act: How to Survive A Mosh Pit by Yourself

Lights performing the piano in front of a mosh pit

Admit it, music lovers, you’ve been here at this point. One of your favourite artists is coming to your town. Hooray! You can imagine you and your posse jumping around in the mosh pit, losing your voices and shaking the hands of the voices behind the songs you put on repeat. You tell your friends about this great idea for a hangout. However, they decide to not go with you.

It’s a tough situation. You don’t want to be by yourself, but you decide to go to the show alone. Who knows when the artist comes to your town again?

Sometimes it can feel awkward when you go to a concert by yourself. As someone who’s attended both Lights and Weezer outdoor shows by herself, I can say it is worth it in the end. One of the benefits is being able to squeeze into the mosh pit and get as close as you can.

How do you survive one?

1) Bring Little With You

How would you feel if you were trying to enjoy a show, and someone bumps into you with a giant backpack? Not fun.

All you really need is your phone, wallet, and keys, as they all fit in your pocket. If you have to bring a purse, make sure you can put the strap over your shoulder.

2) Charge Your Phone

I’ve had my phone die at a freshman concert at college, and it is a pain in the butt to deal with. You need your phone if you are planning to snap shots later. Also, you need some form of contact in case you lose someone at a concert, or need a ride home. Having a fully charged phone will help you in these situations.

3) Eat before you go, but make sure it’s filling

You’re going to be standing for a few hours, so you need energy.  I suggest pizza, since it is fast and pretty filling, depending on the slice and what toppings you pick. As if you need another reason for pizza, though!Make sure your meal is a balanced combination of fat, carbs, and protein.  The worst thing you can do is not eat at all.  Don’t forget to stay hydrated, too!

Rivers Cumos of Weezer playing guitar

4) Buy Merch After the Show

Or at least throw your concert t-shirt over what you’re wearing. Buying a lot of merch beforehand will just mean a lot of stuff to carry around (see tip numbero uno), so it’s best to buy it after the show. You’ll still get your memorabilla from the night, regardless of when you buy it!

5) Don’t be afraid to talk to people

Don’t think that all you’ll be using your vocal chords for is singing (or screaming) to your favourite songs. Be sure to interact with fellow fans. After all, you were bummed that your colleagues don’t share the same passion for an artist as you, right? Strike up a conversation! Ask them about their t-shirt, complain about the weather if it’s an outdoor show. You never know, you could make a new friend!

Have fun! 🙂

Do you have any concert survival tips? Post them!


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