Hey, Look What I Found: Farro-“Colour”


I have been fortunate seeing Paramore when Josh and Zach Farro were still in the band.  When I found out that they left, I was concerned over the band’s future. While Paramore has had quite the success with their self-titled release, earning their first Billboard number one album, it was a wonder what happened to the Farro brothers.

They had a project called Novel America, but it’s folded this year. Farro is now part of well, Farro. Their “Colour Rush” music video is what you expect it to be. Bursts of colour flowing through a stream. A warm and cozy melody. Just add a touch of bright paint, and bamb! You have an artistic music video. The lightning and overall aesthetics are inviting, and the song is catchy and quite cute. It’s overall sweet for their first video in their latest project.

That being said, it also seems familiar. Too familiar really. Their alternative pop sound is no different than what Paramore has become. Also, Paramore has had splashes of coloured powder in their “Now” video.


Hmm. “Ain’t It Fun[ny]”.

For a band that has been criticized for producing pop material since two of the founding members have left, Farro’s song doesn’t seem all that different. Maybe I’m reading too much into things. Foxes also did the same thing in “Let Go For Tonight”.

Overall, “Colour Rush” is a, shall I say, “colourful” piece from Farro. The video’s eye catching, if not similar to their previous counterparts. Interesting.

Oh, if you were wondering about what Novel American sounded like, here you go.


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