I am a hypocrite. This blog is called “Emily Writes A lot”, and I haven’t posted anything since June. JUNE, you guys. It’s October now. People have ditched sandals for boots and sun hats for toques. Starbucks fans have made the switch from Frappucinos to Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Pumpkin Spice Frappucinos. Soon enough, those will be replaced with peppermint lattes! It’s just one month until Mockingjay Part 1’s release, not five. Halloween is just around the corner.

Am I rambling? Yes. What’s my point? Things change.

I know what you’re thinking. “Emily, of course things change! Stop writing clichés and come up with new material!”

Let me be more specific, the expression “change is constant” is especially relevant in any writing field. Just look at the era we live in-people want news and pictures in an instant. That’s why Twitter and Instagram were created. That’s why we have blogs, and why I started mine.

So why haven’t I posted since June?

For starters, life got busy. Between preparing for college, getting a puppy, having those last few hangouts with my friends before the summer ends, and getting a paid job, I haven’t had much time for this blog.

Secondly, it’s easier, and probably more relevant to share my writing pieces via Twitter. It can be done instantly, versus sharing 10 links that I don’t even know if people read all at once.

Finally, I don’t think I’m interesting at all. Behind the microphone and keyboard, I’m boring. If I’m not out of my writing cave, I am watching TV, listening to music, reading, or playing video games. You know, what a lot of people do on a weekend. Though, granted, I could be writing reviews on those things.

So yes, I am a hypocrite. Or am I?

Sure, it’s silly to have a blog title saying that I write a lot when I haven’t posted in four and a half months. Don’t think this means I’ve given up on writing, however.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite, especially since I’m in a program focusing on writing.  Still would like to use this blog though, not too sure of its purpose quite yet. Likely pointless rambling. We’ll see.



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