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Hello friends (and family if you happen to stumble on my blog!)

So basically I’m newscasting all week, and as such posts have taken awhile for me to get approval. Nethertheless, here they are!

Tuesday, June 3rd

Cultural Competency Learning Circle to Have Celebration

Wednesday, June 4th

Western University Presents “Media and Crisis in Ukraine”

Annual Food Drive to Curb Hunger

Thursday June 5th

Roary the Dragon lands in Storybook Gardens

Tune in tomorrow at 11 am and 5 pm for my last newscasts of the week!

Peace, love and sandy feet, because I have a sweater that says that, and because it’s all I need in life, and same to you all!




TV Screens, Movie Scenes, and Guilty Pleasures (Oh my!)

We all have them, whether we want to admit it or not. Ironically, two of my posts for We Eat Films are about guilty pleasures.

The first one lists my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure films. Read them here, and please don’t judge me!

Another one is a guilty pleasure show I picked up on, “Remedy”. Can it survive a second season? Find out here

Feel free to tell me your guilty pleasure films and tv shows, I want to know! I’m nosey 😛

Until next time,


Newscasting all week!

Hello everyone! 

Wow, I’m actually on the ball with things today! 

I have to be though. There are a lot of stories coming up, and I have some exciting news relating to that. I’m newscasting for 94.9 CHRW all week! Tune in at 94.9 CHRW (if you’re in London), or stream on at 11 am and 5 pm every day until Friday to hear me read the news. 

First day of the week is done, and here’s the stories I blogged for it.

“14th Annual London Fringe Festival Presents Independent Talent”

“Shawn Atleo unable to Attend Western Convocation”

Expect me to post often this week.

Enjoy the hot weather!


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