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Latest writing pieces

Hello all!

I have a terrible habit of not blogging my things right when I should be! Oh well, here we are! My published work since the last time we had a chat.

“Bad Teacher”  TV review (We Eat Films)

“Children With Special Needs Being Asked to Stay Home” (94.9 CHRW)

“Western University Investigating Preserving Northern Ontario Peatlands” (94.9 CHRW)

“London Supports Bring Back Our Girls” (94.9 CHRW)

“Museum London Celebrates International Museum Day” (94.9 CHRW)

“Canadian Biologist, Wild Salmon Advocate on 60 Minutes” (94.9 CHRW)

“City Hall Given 60 Days to Develop Humane Plan for Urban Beavers” (94.9 CHRW)

“Generation Vote Advocating for Student Issues in Ontario” (94.9 CHRW)